Śrī Śrī Harināma Kalpataru
First Gem / Second Gem
Śrīpad Aindra Prabhu


The price (MRP) of the physical/printed book is:

600 INR (1st Gem)

550 INR (2nd Gem)

You may order the physical/printed book by writing an email to info@sripadkosh.com

The price for one book ordered from countries other than India is 30 USD (includes packing, handling and shipping). Payments will be accepted via PayPal (see "Buy Now" button below). Please kindly drop us an email before you make the payment. Some books may be out of stock!

The price of the e-books is approximately 275 INR (Amazon India).
Depending on where on this globe you will download the ebooks, the prices will vary.

The book is currently also available in Vrindavan-dhama at Dhaval Sachdev`s office in the Russian building (Mobile: 0091-9820631193) during standard office hours.

For any queries, please write to: info@sripadkosh.com

PS: We got our books printed at Thomson Press (Delhi) in small editions. Hence, the prices look somewhat high. However, we do not aspire to make any profit, and we are working towards the coverage of the manifacturing cost of our books.




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All glories to Śrī Guru and Śrī Gaurānga! All glories to the thunderous congregational
chanting of Rādhā-Kṛṣṇa’s Holy Names! All glories to the swanlike pure devotees of the Lord!